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what to look for in a security door /gate/ window

what to look for in a security door gate windows

What to Look For In A Security Door/ Gate/ Window – Incredible Door

The main purpose of a Security Door is to provide protection for individuals, and help prevent that your valuable office and household goods get stolen. This is why it is essential to install a security door / gate or window that will offer the desired protection against intruders. There are many different types of security doors/gates and windows available on the market, making it a difficult to choose the best security doors / gates and windows for your needs. There are, however, a few facts to take in to consideration when purchasing a security door/gate/window, to ensure that you install a security product in your home or business that will offer the level of protection you desire.

Manufactured with double uprights, 12 x 12 gauge square tubing
Scissors are spaced equally
Rivets are fitted on the inside to prevent it from being drilled out from the outside

Factors to consider when installing expandable security doors / gates and windows in your home or business:

  • Installation: All four sides of the door need to be secured, for optimal safety. Incredible Door’s security doors/gates and windows feature that runs in a top track and steel roller bearings and galvanised twin legs running in a bottom track.
  • No plastic components: It is important that the Security Doors/gates/windows have no plastic components that can create a weak point for intruders. Plastic or nylon components can easily be broken or melted to gain access through the door /gate or window. There are no plastic components used on the top and bottom of Incredible Door’s security doors / gates and windows.
  • Approved quality: All components used in the manufacturing of Incredible Door security doors / gates and windows are SABS approved, guaranteeing you of high quality Security products.
  • Locking system: Security doors/gates/windows manufactured by Incredible Door are fitted with a slam lock and standard hook lock for your benefit. A slam lock feature enables quick locking capabilities when needed.
  • Customised fit: Our Security Doors/gates and windows are custom made to ensure a perfect fit for your doors/gates and window openings.
  • Material: The material used to manufacture the Security Doors/gates and windows are another important aspect to look at. Incredible Door use high quality steel square tubing, including double uprights for optimal protection.


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Incredible Door manufactures and install high quality security doors / gates and windows, suitable for your home and business security needs. We have assisted many clients in the areas we service to obtain the desired level of security. Contact Incredible Door today for a free written quotation to install your Security door / gates and windows.

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