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Expandable Security Doors/Windows & Aluminium products

Expandable security doors

Expandable Security Doors/Windows & Aluminium products

Our expandable security door slides in a steel top and bottom track. There are no plastic, acrylic or nylon components at the bottom or top of our sliding security doors.

All components used in the manufacturing of expandable security doors/security gates are SABS approved. Retractable security doors are available in various colours. Security doors can be custom-made to fit all your openings as well as aluminium sliding, folding sliding and other patio doors – which is also provided by Incredible Door. We are amongst the leaders in the manufacturing and installation of high quality security doors.

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For peace of mind high quality expandable security gates are manufactured by Incredible Door to secure all areas in your home or business.

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Security Tips From Incredible Door

No matter how many safety doors and security gates you have, it is important to always be aware. Here are a few essential tips for keeping safe in your home:

• Alert the police immediately if somebody enters your home.
• Never open your door to strangers.
• Be very vigilant.
• Never leave any tools lying around that can be used to break into your home.
• Test your alarm regularly.

• Keep your cell phone/telephone in your bedroom, so that you can call for help, without having to leave the room.
• Always lock all doors when you are inside your home.
• Always lock both locks on your safety doors.
• Always ensure that all windows are closed at night.
• Always make sure your alarm is armed before going to bed.