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Sliding Security Doors in Johannesburg


If you stay in Johannesburg and want to make your home safer and more secure, then installing sliding security doors/gates/windows is the ideal solution for you. Incredible Door is a trusted supplier of sliding security doors/gates/windows in Johannesburg. We manufacture and install high quality steel security doors for homes and businesses.

With a high crime rate it is extremely important to keep your home’s security measures up to standard. This includes securing all windows and doors with high quality security doors/gates and windows. Our security doors offer a very effective method of creating a safer living environment for your family – Contact Incredible Door today for a free written quotation.

Manufactured with double uprights, 12 x 12 gauge square tubing
Scissors are spaced equally
Rivets are fitted on the inside to prevent it from being drilled out from the outside


At Incredible Door we pride ourselves in offering our customers high quality sliding security doors/gates/windows in Johannesburg at competitive prices. All components used in the manufacturing of Incredible Door sliding security doors/gates/windows are SABS approved. No plastic components are used at the bottom and top of our security doors. Incredible Door offers a durable sliding/expandable security door/gates/windows which could be fitted into door and window openings. We will custom-make your security doors/gates/windows to fit non-standard openings.

Incredible Door offers five standard colours to choose from. Other colours are also available on request at an additional cost of ten percent. Incredible Door is a leader in the security door/gate/window manufacturing industry, and will offer you the best option for home security.

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Security features of sliding security doors in Johannesburg from Incredible Door

•Double upright (square tubing).
•Sliding security doors are fitted with a slam-lock feature as well as a standard hook lock.
•All material used in the manufacturing of Incredible Door’s sliding security doors in Johannesburg are SABS approved, ensuring high quality products.
•There are no plastic components in the top or bottom tracks that can brittle or be melted to gain unwanted entry.
•Scissors are equally spaced between the uprights. Rivets show to the inside of the house, makes it difficult to drill from the outside.
•Security doors are secured on all four sides, leaving no openings or weak points.
•Incredible Door offers five years warranty on indoor installations of security doors/gates/windows and three years warranty on outdoor installations, when installed by our professional team.

Contact the trusted sliding security doors/gates/window suppliers in Johannesburg

Don’t delay; make your home or business more secure with sliding security doors / gates / windows from Incredible Door. Contact us today to get a quotation to install your sliding security doors in Johannesburg.

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