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Burglar products / Expandable Security Doors & Windows

Installing expandable security doors/gates and windows, is the first step to make your home/business more secure. Windows and doors/gates create the opportunity for intruders to gain access to your home/business. Burglar products such as Incredible Door’s expandable security doors / gates and windows provide efficient protection against intruders, and will help keep your family members/co-workers safe and your household goods protected. Don’t wait until you have been burgled before installing the necessary security products in your home or office.

Contact Incredible Door today for a trusted supplier of burglar products/expandable security doors/gates & windows – we will supply you with quality expandable security doors/gates and windows, and ensure that your security products are installed professionally.

Manufactured with double uprights, 12 x 12 gauge square tubing
Scissors are spaced equally
Rivets are fitted on the inside to prevent it from being drilled out from the outside

Custom-made expandable security doors / gates and windows

An essential feature of reliable burglar products/expandable security doors / gates and windows, is that the doors need to fit the exact opening perfectly in order to gain the desired protection. Incredible Door will custom-make your expandable security doors/ gates and windows to fit any window size or door opening. The security doors/gates/windows will be secured on all four sides, including a steel bottom track for the galvanised twin legs to run in, and a steel top track with steel roller bearings. Trust Incredible Door to offer you high quality custom-made expandable security doors/gates and windows to make your home or business more secure.

Choose Incredible Door as your expandable security door/gate/windows supplier to enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • Slam-lock feature: A slam-lock feature will ensure that your security door / gate locks immediately in case of a dangerous situation. All security gates / doors are fitted with two locks, a slam lock and a standard lock for additional safety.
  • Double uprights: Expandable security doors / gates and windows from Incredible Door consist of double uprights (square tubing), featuring equally spaced scissors between the uprights.
  • No plastic: Incredible Door uses steel bearings and twin legs. There are no plastic components used in the manufacturing of our security door / gates/ windows, leaving no weak points for intruders to gain access.
  • Quality: All components used in the manufacturing of our security doors / gates and windows are SABS approved, ensuring you of a strong and durable product.


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Install your burglar products – Expandable security door / gates and windows from Incredible Door

Contact the leading security door/gate/windows manufacturer today for your security gate / door / window installations. Our professional and experienced team will ensure that your security gates/doors/windows are installed efficiently. Years of experience gained in manufacturing and installing security gates / doors and windows enables us to provide our clients with high quality products and exceptional levels of service.

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