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Retractable Security Doors in South Africa

Retractable Security Doors in South Africa

Why you need retractable security doors in South Africa

Having security doors is an essential part of every home. There are different types of security doors that will fit all spaces and styles of homes. They are made out of different materials and can be purchased in different colours according to taste, but one fact still remains: they need to be strong. At Incredible Door, you will get a strong retractable security door that is safe and effective.

Manufactured with double uprights, 12 x 12 gauge square tubing
Scissors are spaced equally
Rivets are fitted on the inside to prevent it from being drilled out from the outside

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Retractable doors are usually used in protecting not only domestic homes, but, also commercial buildings like airports, banks, retail outlets, schools, stadiums and prisons. For these purposes, the material used must be strong and only the best material that is SABS approved is used by Incredible Door when manufacturing a retractable security gate.

Retractable Security Doors provides Safety you can trust.

Everyone will agree that security and safety is something we all strive to improve. For parents, children’s safety is their first priority and for others, you would like to keep your possessions purchased with hard earn cash safe. Keeping children out of certain areas in the house, might be easier if a retractable security gate is installed. Preventing an incident is better that ending up with a child that is scarred for life.

It will be wise to prevent an incident by looking at some tips on how to be safe. These tips might even safe the life:

  • • If going on holiday, ask a neighbour to take out all the post
  • • Know your neighbour
  • • Do not leave any gardening tools or equipment of sort lying around that can assist in a break in
  • • Test your alarm frequently
  • • Be sure to let your security company know if your are going on holiday
  • • Do not leave any cars parked on the side walk unlocked or with open windows
  • • Close your windows when you leave the house when going on an outing and at night
  • • Make sure that your alarm is set before going to bed at night
  • • Do not leave keys in the gate, even if the whole family is at home
  • • Do not leave children’s toys or other stuff lying around in the yard
  • • Put away valuables that is in your car out of plain sight

At Incredible Door, we are proud of our manufactured product and our qualified team are well trained to handle all installation correctly the first time. Contact us for a free quotation today.

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