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Expandable Security Doors in Pretoria

Expandable Security Doors in Pretoria


Incredible Door offers security products and installation of security doors / gates / windows in Pretoria for your safety. You should therefor look for trustable suppliers of expandable security doors / gates / windows in Pretoria. Crime is a reality, and your safety should always be a high priority.

Contact Incredible Door today for the best quality expandable security doors in Pretoria at competitive prices.

Manufactured with double uprights, 12 x 12 gauge square tubing
Scissors are spaced equally
Rivets are fitted on the inside to prevent it from being drilled out from the outside


Your home or workplace should be a safe environment for you, your family and/or employees. Expandable security doors from Incredible Door can provide you with this peace of mind. Our high quality expandable security doors / gates / windows in Pretoria are designed with everyday use and comfort in mind; Incredible Door’s steel security products are manufactured by skilled employees and installed by professionally trained installers, which enables us to provide a five year warranty on all indoor installations and three years warranty on all outdoor installations. Incredible Door is a top choice of suppliers when it comes to expandable security doors / gates / windows in Pretoria.

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To make the expandable security doors blend in with your home, we offer products in a variety of colours: white, cream; silver, bronze and charcoal. Other colours are available at an additional cost of ten percent. This ensures that you will find a colour for your expandable security doors in Pretoria that complements your home.

The features of Incredible Door’s expandable security doors include:

• Double upright steel square tubing
• The expandable security doors are secured on all four sides
• Slam-lock and standard hook lock features
• Scissors are equally spaced between double uprights
• Steel top and bottom track with steal roller bearings – NO plastic components
• All components used in the manufacturing of our security doors / gates / windows are SABS approved.

Incredible Door is a top choice when looking for suppliers of expandable security doors in Pretoria.


security doors in Pretoria security doors in Pretoria


Incredible Door has been in the business of securing homes and businesses for years and have many satisfied clients in Pretoria. Contact us today for a free written quote to install expandable security doors in your Pretoria home or workplace.


Get a Customised Security Solution for your Home or Business

Quality and reliability are two essential factors to consider when installing any Security product in your home or business. If you wish to achieve a higher level of Security at your home or business, it is important to make use of a reputable supplier for the job. This will ensure protection of you family, employees and valuable possessions.

Incredible Door is a trusted manufacturer and installer of Slam-Lock Security Doors / Gates and Windows, assisting customers to secure their homes and businesses against intruders since 2001. Incredible Door manufacture quality Expandable Security Doors / Gates and Windows that are extremely reliableand  offer effective protection that will last for many years. Install a strong physical barrier in your doorways and window openings to keep intruders out.

Enjoy optimal protection with a Security solution that has been tailored to your home / business’ specific needs. Incredible Door’s Expandable Security Doors / Gates / Windows in Pretoria will be custom-manufactured to fit the specific doorway or window opening size. This ensures the perfect fit in any opening, and peace of mind the you have a Security solution that meets your requirements.

Trust Incredible Door for quality results

  • • Quality guaranteed: Incredible Doorwill ensure peace of mind when installing Expandable Security Doors / Gates and Windows in Pretoria. All of the components used are SABS approved, and no plastic components are used in our Security products. You will receive a Five Year warranty on indoor installations and Three Year warranty on outdoor installations and Six Months on all locks when selecting Incredible Door as your Security Door / Gate / Window supplier, guaranteeing you of strong and durable products.
  • • Professional installation:Get the team from Incredible Door to provide a professional installation You can expect honest advice, reliable service and quality results.
  • • Competitive prices: Get a competitive quote from the trusted Expandable Security Door / Gate / Window suppliers in Pretoria. You can expect great value for money with Incredible Door.

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