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Expandable Security Doors Boksburg Benoni

Incredible Door is a leading supplier of security doors / gates and windows in Boksburg/ Benoni and surrounding areas. If you are seeking the services of a trusted security door/gate/window company, Incredible Door will assist.

Incredible Door manufacture and install high quality security doors / gates and windows, and offer our products and services at an affordable price to our clients. Security doors, gates and windows offer a reliable form of security to home and business owners, ensuring a strong barrier to help protect their family and employees from intruders, and their valuable goods from theft. Contact Incredible Door the leading security door company for a free written quotation to install your security gates / doors and windows in Boksburg/Benoni & surrounding areas.

Manufactured with double uprights, 12 x 12 gauge square tubing
Scissors are spaced equally
Rivets are fitted on the inside to prevent it from being drilled out from the outside

Expandable security doors/gates/windows – Custom-made to fit your door/gate and window openings

One of the most important aspects when installing security doors/gates/windows in your home or office is that the door/gate/window needs to fit the opening perfectly. This ensures that you will gain the maximum benefit when installing security doors / gates and windows.

Incredible Door expandable security doors/gates and windows are secured on all four sides, meaning there are no weak points above or below the security doors/gates and windows where intruders can gain an entry. Incredible Door will custom-make your expandable doors/gates and windows for your home or business in Boksburg/Benoni and surrounding areas, to ensure a perfect fit and maximum security benefits. Other features and benefits of Incredible Door security doors/gates/windows include:

  • Double uprights: Security doors/gates and windows from Incredible Door feature double uprights of square tubing (for double the protection.)
  • Slam-lock feature: The slam-lock feature installed in Incredible Door’s security doors/gates and windows are extremely beneficial, as it creates an instant barrier between you and an intruder when closed.
  • SABS approved: All the components used to manufacture Incredible Door security doors/gates and windows are SABS approved, ensuring you of high quality components. No plastic parts are used.
  • Warranty: Incredible Door offers a five year warranty on all indoor installations, and three years warranty on outdoor installations.


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Get a quote to install your security doors / gates and windows in Benoni / Boksburg and surrounding areas

Trust Incredible Door to supply you with high quality security doors / gates and windows in Benoni / Boksburg and surrounding areas to meet your security needs. We will supply you with a free written quote to install your custom-made expandable security doors / gates and windows.